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Blender Turns 20!

To celebrate Blender turning 20 and our first time at the Blender conference this month we are sharing this guest post on Blender from Fani Pandi, Freelance Animator and Blender Developer.

In this post you will get a overview of Blender in production and the companies behind it (that are public about it) and in addition, get links to tutorials and information for users interested in learning more.

Regardless of your level of knowledge from hobbyist learning the program for personal projects or already a professional artist, enjoy your experience with the Blender and keep learning.
Happy Blender Time ! ?

User & Artist Introduction

Getting started with Blender 

The big thing that sets Blender apart is the fact that it is an open-source 3D software developed by a non for profit organization, the Blender Foundation, “with the mission to get the world’s best 3D CG technology in the hands of artists as free/open source software. Our vision is that everyone should be free to create 3D CG content, with free technical and creative production means and free access to markets.

If you go to the website you will find the Blender development fund where you can directly get involved and help the development of the software. Companies from multiple industries have joined the development fund to invest in the future of Blender. Note that this is not the same as putting money towards buying the software or a guarantee of development only for that company.

Who uses Blender in 2022?

Decentraland, Epic,Unity, AWS, NetEase Games, Intel, Meta, AMD, eGirlCapital, Nvida and more

Not all companies use Blender for CG-Animation-related work, but many of these companies are centered around the entertainment and technology industries and what we will focus on here. 

Game Design

Below are a few examples of game studios using Blender

  • Ubisoft
  • Embark Studios 
  • Ecosoft
  • EA Games 
  • Paper Bunker 
  • Gameloft
  • Wolfire 
  • Infinity Ward
  • and the growing! Want on our list? Let us know how you use it at your studio!

Games – Blender Artists :

and the “9 Studios Using Blender” article below.

Getting Started with Blender

Here are general information and tutorials if you are completely new to Blender.

Question from a beginner Blender User :

Q : I’m an amateur and I’m trying to learn more about Blender and there are many resources but it is hard to know what is good, could you please recommend some?

A: Below are tutorials, websites, YouTube channels and books all for Blender program. 


Here are some resources to get you started from the official Blender site.

Thank you for the guest post Fani.

Be sure to check out all our other Blender content here on Rigging Dojo, from interviews to full in-depth courses covering Blender for Maya users.

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