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Skinning Rigtip for a little known tool

Move Weights tool, a little known tool that you should be using to make skinning easier and allow for added control in a pinch. TDs can use it to speed up skinning by copying good weighting to new joints for twist, like shoulders to a few new twist joints in the upper arm for example. […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day 007 Matrix math rig clean-up

Season 00 Day 007 Stream – Cleaning the Components “Day 7, we introduce matrix multiplication and then proceed to an uninterrupted stretch of rigging proper (yay!) Lots of nodelling.”   What is the Matrix? 6:00 (video) Raf hits some basics of the Matrix, the Matrix is the transform in Maya and describes what was required […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day 06 – Theory and Applied vectors, IK pedals

Season 00 Day 6 – Theory and Applied vectors, IK pedals   “More on vectors while we actually show some application, and eventually make it to hooking up the pedals’ geo to the IK pedals control in the niche of time” “Day 6, crash course in vector math, sprinkle of matrix math, and finally, applying […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 day 001 Naming and Components

season 00 day001 stream – namingAndComps What the first Season will be about: Show was inspired by HandMade Hero format Few streams leading up to SIGGRAPH and first season will be after SIGGRAPH New rig every season getting more complex Season 1 will be rigging  a Unicycle in Vanilla out of box Maya How to […]

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Cult of Rig

This is going to be a must watch source so spread the word and show support and follow Raf on Twitter We have had Raf on our A.I.R video series and he showed us all a glimpse of how he thinks about rigging and performance, this new stream looks to be a PHD level […]