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Introducing Maya 2020 Rigging Features

New rigging features to note, we are putting notes that might get overlooked here from the 2020 Maya Docs so people can focus on just the rigging updates. Cached Playback whitepaper: For riggers, TDs, and plug-in authors who want to understand the Cached Playback architecture so they can benefit from recent performance enhancements in Maya, […]

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Announcing: MRS Makers Workshop – CG Monastery

We are updating this post with a bit more about the MRS system What is MRS? The Morpheus Rig System (MRS) is a python based modular framework and toolset for the creation of high quality creature and character rigs for Autodesk Maya. The fully-customizable rigs can be built for anything from a Unity mobile app […]


Our Spring Newsletter is going to be huge

Hey everyone,   Keep an eye out for our Spring newsletter, it’s going to be full of offerings and info! Intro to Photoshop Scripting We’ll be launching an on demand course with over 3 hours of video content. It’s designed to get you up and running quickly with Photoshop scripting. Agile Development We’ll be asking for […]

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griffinanimation: Python 101 On Demand at The Rigging Dojo

Source: griffinanimation: Python 101 On Demand at The Rigging Dojo Sign up Here: View the syllabus HERE   Also be sure to check out and give some support and love to helping Ryan give kids a creative edge and be content creators not just consumers. “You might also want to take a look at another […]

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Cult of Rig

This is going to be a must watch source so spread the word and show support and follow Raf on Twitter We have had Raf on our A.I.R video series and he showed us all a glimpse of how he thinks about rigging and performance, this new stream looks to be a PHD level […]