Free Learning Resources

Rigging Dojo
Teaching the Art and Science of Character Rigging

We have curated a set of free or almost free resources for someone wanting to learn right now, no matter your income level or ability. There are many ways to learn and we think these are some of the best resources for you. While mostly Maya focused, you will find other software like Blender and Houdini along with MotionBuilder used because most of the ideas work in all the packages.

Model for Rigging and Topology Reference

HippyDrome’s Art of Moving Points *We are officially the download source for this model from Brian This model is a good starting point to learn about topology needed for good articulation and deformation.

Learn to Rig Characters for free

Every year we see people asking where to start, reaching out for help and or simply overwhelmed. “I want to learn about rigging characters but I am not sure where to start? This is where, click the link and begin your learning journey!

Learn to Program in Python and C++ API

Remember even learning a little scripting can help you use the existing scripts and tools that are free online and help you start making your own when you find the need.
If you are already scripting in Python and are ready to explore the API to make faster tools, the C++ resources will get you started.

Learn Motion Capture Animation and Editing and Retargeting

THE starting guide for animators wanting to learn about Motion Editing! From AAA games to VFX features to Pure hand keyframed Feature Animation, as an animator it is important to be comfortable with the techniques and tools used, yes even when hand animating.

Learn Unreal Control Rig Animation, Retargeting and Rigging

Blender resources for Maya and MotionBuilder users