Free Model from Art of Moving Points

Free Model Download from HippyDrome’s Art of Moving Points

*We are officially the source fro this file

by Brian Tindall  –  HippyDrome


This model is a good starting point to learn about topology needed for good articulation and deformation.
Note that the spans are ruffly laid out and could further polishing to improve the final deformations.

Usage:  This mesh is free to download and use with proper attribution to

HippyDrome free model zip fie

Included in this zip file are both Maya and FBX files to cover a large variety of software.





Be sure to check out HippyDromes Art of Moving Points on iTunes for an in depth look at deformation layers and topology for rigging the face.



5 Replies to “Free Model from Art of Moving Points”

  1. We are very pleased by the model of HippyDrome and very grateful for the dojo for supporting it.

    Thank you very much both

  2. Wow! This is a fabulous thing for you to do. Thank you. I’m excited to look over it and study it. I hope to get the book soon. Jonathan Paine recommended you highly and sends his regards.

  3. thank you so much on all your videos. As a college Graduate still trying to learn the methods of rigging solo, i very much appreciate your generosity with this information. just wish i had a mac to read your book on.

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