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Learn Unreal Control Rig and Animation

Learn Unreal 5 Control Rig and Animation in engine

Just want to jump in and play? Grab this free rig pack and start animating

Control Rig Samples Pack – Go download and start animating

More Control Rig resources

Constraint switching and Non-linear layered animation in UE 5.1

Our friend Riham Toulan @Purple Puppet Studios did some fantastic behind the scenes videos on animating and rigging with the Control Rig on the Metahumans.

Animating Metahumans with Control Rig:

Rigging the Metahumans:

Rigging Control Rig Resources

Wanting to learn to Rig using the control rig? These are great starting points to watch and then get building from.

The Rigging Buddies Podcast #19: Helge Mathee. Unreal Engine Control Rig & More
Advanced Skeleton Export to Control Rig Unreal 5

Jeremie Passerin’s Volume Preservation Video:

If you got our Rigging Dojo newsletter you already saw this great set of resources on the Unreal Control Rig from Kamila Bianchi 

” I have been enjoying trying to transfer my Maya Rigging skills into Control Rig in Unreal. Here are some of my findings so far on this topic. “

Animating in Unreal

While as of 5.1 the animation tools are good, they aren’t as refined as they could be but they are useable. Check how just how far you can push your animation, directly in engine!

Python Scripting Control Rig

Scripting rig tools is always great information to have!

Character Picker

Common Helper Scripts

Last but not least, Epic has put together their own page of resources you can also explore more.

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