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Announcing: MRS Makers Workshop – CG Monastery

We are updating this post with a bit more about the MRS system What is MRS? The Morpheus Rig System (MRS) is a python based modular framework and toolset for the creation of high quality creature and character rigs for Autodesk Maya. The fully-customizable rigs can be built for anything from a Unity mobile app […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day 007 Matrix math rig clean-up

Season 00 Day 007 Stream – Cleaning the Components “Day 7, we introduce matrix multiplication and then proceed to an uninterrupted stretch of rigging proper (yay!) Lots of nodelling.”   What is the Matrix? 6:00 (video) Raf hits some basics of the Matrix, the Matrix is the transform in Maya and describes what was required […]

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Custom studio training: Volition “Agents of Mayhem”

Max to MotionBuilder We are very excited to see the great work from Volition on “Agents of Mayhem”coming out of GDC.  Rigging Dojo was hired to provide custom training for the animators on MotionBuilder as part of our custom studio training support service, allowing them to transition to the software and work efficiently.     […]

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2016 year of the Technical Director

“Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.” That quote could easily be talking about jobs and TDs, as 2016 so far has started out with a long list of studios looking to hire Technical Directors for character rigging, pipeline and character FX while being unable to find anyone. The problem is there are not […]

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Meet The Rigging Team – Anomalia: Keith Lango “Poutnik”

Meet the character TDs behind Keith Lango’s “Poutnik”   Once more  Rigging Dojo partnered up with Anomalia! Together we put a small group of rigging students into a unique remote production environment. The goal for the Riggers was to create animation rigs for the “ANOMALIA 2014 Cartoon Animation Production”, led by our friend Keith Lango. Our special […]