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2016 year of the Technical Director

“Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.”

That quote could easily be talking about jobs and TDs, as 2016 so far has started out with a long list of studios looking to hire Technical Directors for character rigging, pipeline and character FX while being unable to find anyone.

The problem is there are not enough available, qualified artists to fill these positions, still! Even with the overflowing amount of information and training available, people still fall short of the skills needed to land the jobs that are waiting for them.

This overwhelmingly comes down to having a guide, mentor, shaman, coach or guru ( call it what you want) to take your skills to the level they need to be to get hired.

You need work that stands out from the noise of job applications, you need quality levels in your work that comes from direct feedback from those in the industry doing the work and you need a focus for your time and energy so you work smart, not harder on things that won’t get you hired.

We have classes coming up in February and March for Python scripting and rig automation in Maya, Advanced VFX Face shape modeling, Learn to rig faces in a flexible way, Unique challenges with Prop Rigging -because we all get sick of biped rigs,  Motion and Performance Capture Animation with MotionBuilder (We have trained many of the biggest AAA studio teams in the industry) and for those advanced python scripters looking to push your value as an artists to the extreme, our Maya API plugin coding class is back. You can learn all about our courses and apprenticeships to see what is right for you.

We are looking to improve our payment system to offer more flexible payments for people this year and a few other small upgrades to the site and our A.I.R A La Carte videos. We more great interviews and live presentations planned and a few other special projects we will announce when they are ready.

2016 also has Rigging Dojo heading back to UT Austin and Austin Community College for guest lectures and we have some more Studio consulting and training through our partnership with Autdoesk Consulting Services.

Speaking of Autodesk, have you read over Brads review of the Autodesk 2016 Creation Suite? find out what he has to say and how it might impact your production cycle this year.

Last but not least check out a new way to learn Weta Animator and TD, Morgan Loomis. Morgan was one of the first Industry pros that approached us wanting to mentor for us and he really “got” what we were wanting to do with Rigging Dojo. While he has been busy with life and working on some amazing projects at Weta Digital we are excited to see him offering a chance to learn from him  with a very accessible and informal way.

Make 2016 a year of action, learning and career success, we want to help you succeeded and be part of that journey,
Josh, Chad and Brad and the entire team of amazing Rigging Dojo Mentors

2 replies on “2016 year of the Technical Director”

Hey Rhonda, that is always a tough question because it depends on the studio and the work but the core skills are always going to be – can you problem solve, can you learn quickly and adapt to changes and needs of the studio and the project, do you and can you build rigs and get good deformations working on the character side, on the pipeline side, your python and good code practices and abilities with many software and making things run smoothly despite the non-technical artists best efforts 🙂

Hi guys,

I definitely think my skills need improving so I was wondering what skills you feel are needed to be a qualified technical director.

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