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Custom studio training: Volition “Agents of Mayhem”

Max to MotionBuilder

We are very excited to see the great work from Volition on “Agents of Mayhem”coming out of GDC.  Rigging Dojo was hired to provide custom training for the animators on MotionBuilder as part of our custom studio training support service, allowing them to transition to the software and work efficiently.



The team was able to work through around 100 animations per character across 12 playable characters, 10 enemy troopers, 7 unique npc, bosses and male female pedestrians, all in MotionBuilder with 8 animators who on past projects were previously working in Max/Biped.

We also got to help place one of our awesome alumnus Evan Cox in a TD job at the studio. For “Agents of Mayhem” Evan did a cool face rig and has been part of the MotionBuilder support TDs, building on our training and allowing the animators to create the huge amount of detailed and diverse animation they had for the game.

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Check out the slides from from the 2017 GDC vault that Mike Jungbluth gave on the animation process. Great tips on MotionCapture as a base for stylistic animation and how to push the poses for best end results and adjusting timing to make the base mocap have more impact and work best for their style of game play.

Session NameAnimating an Agent of Mayhem
Speaker(s)Michael Jungbluth
Company Name(s)Volition
Track / FormatDesign
OverviewTo tackle the unique challenge of animating 12 playable characters in an open world game, the animation team on \’Agents of Mayhem\’ had to embrace thinking in systems not individual assets. This approach lead to universal character charts, full body procedural transitions, a reactive mood facial system, embracing outsourcing and how best to leverage style. This talk will go in depth on every aspect of the animation process, from art, tech and design, to show our approach on how to create and animate an appealing character in a more holistic manner.


Evan did a great talk for us you can get here that covers some of his earlier tool work, training with us at Rigging Dojo and getting his first job in the industry and (keeping it 🙂

3December A.I.R : Evan Cox (Volition) Getting your foot in the industry door

from Rigging Dojo Episode 7 of 21

Alumni Evan Cox, now a Tech artist at Volition game studio. He will cover topics like Education and getting a first industry job, and some of his tools: Splashboard & Auto Face Rig The Generators.
Presenter Evan Cox
Bio Associate Technical Animator with Deep Silver Volition. 2013 graduate from Michigan State University with a BA in Game Design and Development. Rigging Dojo alumni.
Topic(s) Getting your foot in the industry door
Description Evan explains his process for learning his craft then applying it to get a job in the game industry
Brief Outline 8:25 – Why Is This Relevant?
10:35 – Educational Aspect
30:31 – Scripting Projects
Automated Facial Rigging System
Google Image Search
49:19 – Look to Those Above You
54:39 – Transitioning to a Work Environment
1:02:10 – Glad I Did – Wish I Had
1:10:18 – Q&A


Further learning:

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