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Professional Services from Rigging Dojo

Rigging Dojo and our team of Mentors and remote character technical directors provides consulting and studio level training along with production help.
We do mostly remote work for our clients but can be onsite on occasion at a much higher cost.  We have found that remote help for clients provides better transparency, accountability and long term retention of training for studio staff.

Training is often time consuming for the team leads and even they need help and training at times.  We can help start your team on the right path from the start.

Some examples:

  • MotionBuilder training and setup
  • Motion Retargeting
  • Character rigging in Max and Maya
  • Scripted tools
  • Start up pipeline consulting
  • Cross training for software switching between Max and Maya

Contact us and find out how we have saved studios days of work and wasted man hours in as little as an hour.

Training partners:


Rigging Dojo is an approved training provider with Autodesk Consulting Services.If your studio has an existing contract with Autodesk and you or your team needs training you can request us as trainers. This can save you time and money when it comes to training.


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