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Announcing: MRS Makers Workshop – CG Monastery

3 spots left to get the unlocked character rig mDrake
3 spots left to get the unlocked character rig mDrake

We are updating this post with a bit more about the MRS system

What is MRS?

The Morpheus Rig System (MRS) is a python based modular framework and toolset for the creation of high quality creature and character rigs for Autodesk Maya. The fully-customizable rigs can be built for anything from a Unity mobile app to a full feature rig.

MRS uses a template system under which small rig modules are snapped together and fitted to the character model. These templates are used to generate the controls, wiring and structures of our rigs. The templates can be reconfigured and reused for multiple characters with differing proportions.

Every rig created with MRS is fully integrated into the a wider toolset to provide a full rigging and animation pipeline for studios of any size.

What makes it special?

  • Easily Customizable Templates – Simple dags where possible let us easily move things around when we’re making changes to a setup
  • Proxy Rig workflow – The way we use lofts in our setup lets us generate decent looking rough characters rapidly
  • Animator Friendly Rigs – We’re animators and we make rigs we want to use
  • Rapid Iteration – Ability to quickly try new ideas once you have the fundamentals down
  • Built for keeping rigs up to date – Scarecrow setup lets us easily roll in new rig features
  • Easy to Integrate Into Any Pipeline – Clean heirarchies and a wide array of tools means our clients rarely have issue getting our assets into their pipelines
  • Game Engine Ready – We’re building to be Unity complient and doing some Unreal work as well
  • Maya nodes – Not using custom nodes means our rigs open and work without special setups

Modular Design For Easy Extensibility – We want the system to expand so we’ve designed it to be as open as possible

Guest Post : Source: Announcing: MRS Makers Workshop – CG Monastery

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If you’ve seen the Griffin or other proxy rigs we’ve been showing around and wondered how you might make something like that or if you’ve tried mDrake and would like to rig your own characters with the same setup. Here’s your chance!

We’re excited to announce the MRS Makers Workshop.

We’ve gotten a fair bit of requests from many of you interested in learning MRS. It’s taken a little time to figure out the best way to do this and we think we have a pretty good plan. We’re partnering with our friends at Rigging Dojo to facilitate this session.

What are the details:

  • Purpose
    Teach students how to use MRS to begin building their own rigs for their own projects.
  • When does it start?
    We’re scheduled to begin January 6th
  • What’s the content?
    • How to use MRS and the cgmToolbox in your own project pipelines
    • We’ll rig a quadruped from scratch
    • A biped from a starting template
    • Cover some some more advanced topics
    • Includes a six month subscription here on the Monastery to keep up to date with changes to MRS and have a voice and/or hand in where it goes from here. (all other perks as well – Morpheus for Unity content, rigs, etc)
  • How much?
    Regular price is $350 for one of these sessions. We’re offering a $150 discount through sign ups on December 31st. You’ll get a code during the process. Don’t forget to put it in!
  • Duration?
    Estimated 4-6 weeks. We’re going to get through the content. If it takes a little longer, we’re not going to say it’s done because of an artificial deadline.
  • FAQ
    • I don’t have any idea what MRS (Morpheus Rigging System) is …. You can check out a few links:
    • Will you cover facial blocks? Not in this first class. Those modules are pretty rough as they’re brand new. They work but need iteration. The other blocks have months of testing in them.

If this content proves popular enough we’ll continue adding modules like:

  • Rigging a Face with MRS
  • Expanding MRS – Making new modules

-Josh Burton

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