Our Spring Newsletter is going to be huge

Hey everyone,
Keep an eye out for our Spring newsletter, it’s going to be full of offerings and info!

Intro to Photoshop Scripting

We’ll be launching an on demand course with over 3 hours of video content. It’s designed to get you up and running quickly with Photoshop scripting.

Agile Development

We’ll be asking for volunteers for interviews on Agile development topics. We do not have course for that yet. So we’re looking for people to jump on a call to discuss their interest in Agile Development. Especially any needs they have as related to Tech Art and Game Development.

Coaching Program

This program has been in development since the end of 2017, and we’re excited to open it up. Space is limited, and more info will be in the newsletter. “Soft Skills”, Leadership and Creativity are the forefront of this program. This program is intense and requires deep conversations about your goals and the things blocking you from them. A note from one of the beta testers of the Coaching Program:
“With most courses teaching technical skills, this course focusing on leadership and mindset is a breath of fresh air to the education of our industry. It gave me guidance on my goals and helped harness the leadership skills needed to advance my career.”


We’re also launching a podcast! We’re release just one or two a week, and each will be less than ten minutes. Hence the micro in microcast. Our format will be news of the week, and answering your questions!
We’re looking forward to sharing this and more near the end of April.

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