Compiling C++ Plugins for Maya

  Get a taste for the basics of plugin compiling from Raf and The Cult Of Rig then check out our courses both the Maya C++ API 101 mentor led course and our more advanced 201 on demand plugin coding course.    

Maya 2016.5 and 2017 invertShape

From our friend and Mentor: Morgan Loomis Just like @chadvernon‘s great cvShapeInverter, can now invert a shape in @AdskMaya 2016.5+ using invertShape($deformed, $corrected) If your in the UI and wanting to do this you can use the they have a “duplicate pose shape” as part of the pose editor in 2017 #rigtip

Disney character artist shares his story

Our newsletter interview is now ready to be shared with everyone and we hope you enjoy it and learn as much as we did. Share the love and like, tweet, share and comment and let us what you think. Josh, Brad and Chad Interview with Character TD Sergi Caballer Let’s get…