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Compiling C++ Plugins for Maya

  Get a taste for the basics of plugin compiling from Raf and The Cult Of Rig then check out our courses both the Maya C++ API 101 mentor led course and our more advanced 201 on demand plugin coding course.     You can also check out our free API compiling guide book to […]

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Skinning Rigtip for a little known tool

Move Weights tool, a little known tool that you should be using to make skinning easier and allow for added control in a pinch. TDs can use it to speed up skinning by copying good weighting to new joints for twist, like shoulders to a few new twist joints in the upper arm for example. […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 day 001 Naming and Components

season 00 day001 stream – namingAndComps What the first Season will be about: Show was inspired by HandMade Hero format Few streams leading up to SIGGRAPH and first season will be after SIGGRAPH New rig every season getting more complex Season 1 will be rigging  a Unicycle in Vanilla out of box Maya How to […]

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3ds Max to Maya : Quick node translation guide

3ds Max® translation to Maya® Character TD jobs require cross discipline understanding and something we get often are artists transitioning to Maya from Max and have a hard time with the way Maya approaches things like transforms. To make it worse, often times the same name means something diffrent in both software but they almost […]

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Rigging Dojo’s Artist in Residence (AIR) : August – James Direen from Reel FX

August 2014 (AIR) With James Direen from Reel FX, Thursday August 21st We would love to have you join the conversation by subscribe here.  We are very excited to have James, who did some excellent work on some complex rigging for the upcoming “Book of Life”, so you might not want to miss this. I […]