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SideFX Houdini 18.5 KineFX

We are very excited to see this release of SideFX Houdini go gold (get it here). Brad (Rigging Dojo Founding Member) was brought in to provide feedback and offer some unique viewpoints to help bridge the gap between standard workflows and a modern motion retargeting system. What would it need and what are the expectations […]

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Skinning Rigtip for a little known tool

Move Weights tool, a little known tool that you should be using to make skinning easier and allow for added control in a pinch. TDs can use it to speed up skinning by copying good weighting to new joints for twist, like shoulders to a few new twist joints in the upper arm for example. […]

Blog Post rigtip tutorial video

Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day 010 Finishing Pedals and GodNode Components

Season 00 Day010 Stream – Finishing Pedals and GodNode Components Downloads: Pilot Season – Download   Rigging Dojo Notes: This week we are not doing much of a breakdown, there are many details and things that you simply have to watch through the video to understand and get the most from. We will pick out […]

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We are excited to be able to be at SIGGRAPH this year with all the great character work going on it should be a great event. Here is where to find us and when. The Art of Character Rigging Tuesday, 26 July, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm :  Hilton Anaheim, Avila room This session is […]



 from a #testimonial  on Twitter Tim Borrelli @Anim8der Lead Animator. Strongman. Previously of @DSVolition, @5THCell. #GDCANIM Roundtable Host @Official_GDC. Writer of letters to Andy Serkis. @animstate(r)  ·   “Just want to give a quick shoutout to @bclark_cgchar at @riggingdojo! Over the past week I’ve been ramping up on Maya rigging, and @riggingdojo helped […]