rigtip tutorial video

Skinning Rigtip for a little known tool

Move Weights tool, a little known tool that you should be using to make skinning easier and allow for added control in a pinch. TDs can use it to speed up skinning by copying good weighting to new joints for twist, like shoulders to a few new twist joints in the upper arm for example.

Mesh and Rig from AnimRig – Amazing Spiderman – Free Download

Rig free from that we used for this #rigTip video.


Blog Post rigtip tutorial video

Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day 010 Finishing Pedals and GodNode Components

Season 00 Day010 Stream – Finishing Pedals and GodNode Components


Pilot Season – Download


Rigging Dojo Notes:

This week we are not doing much of a breakdown, there are many details and things that you simply have to watch through the video to understand and get the most from. We will pick out a few things that we want to explain or highlight. Enjoy!

God node (Master control)

  • Drive the whole rig but doesn’t have to be in world space
  • top_top_world_ node, hidden, used by only shot final, this is the world space of your rig, the GodNode would be under it

Building the component

cult of rig god node hiearchy

  • Building a non-cyclic constraint

Connecting the God Node component in to the rig

there is a good few bits of trouble caused by the node editor not being set to sync… jump to here to see the hook up of the offset nodes

Maya name space : “underworld” and all the connective nodes between SRT nodes get assigned that name space.

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We are excited to be able to be at SIGGRAPH this year with all the great character work going on it should be a great event.

Here is where to find us and when.

The Art of Character Rigging

Tuesday, 26 July, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm :  Hilton Anaheim, Avila room

This session is for attendees interested in talking about the challenges, failures, and successes of character rigging, tools and technology, training, and where to go from here.

July 26th and 27th  :  Show Floor  BOXX booth booth #361

Heads up Animators and Character TDs, Brad Clark Co-Founder and mentor at Rigging Dojo is coming to give you a new perspective on your tools and workflow.

Brad Clark

Brad has solved problems in technique and workflow for Animators and Character Tds for teams from Dreamworks, EA studios, Sony, Volition and most recently Epic Games, and is going to share some training tips with you at the Boxx booth during SIGGRAPH.

Stop in and grab new Rigging Dojo sticker and find out about Brads recent tests of our Apexx 2 system and how you can stop wasting time waiting for exporting, baking and get back to animating faster. Learn to quit fearing heavy data, mocap and animation layers, tricks to speed up your rig and take control over your time so you can create more and still have time practice handstands and climb rocks (*Cartwheel and handstand challenges accepted, not responsible for how much fun or injury might be involved)

*Brad will be demoing some of the the fresh new Zombie moves from @MoCapOnline

[FBX] Zombie Pro: MoCap Animation Pack - MoCap Online - 4

About Rigging Dojo:

Rigging Dojo – Teaching the art and science of character rigging, enabling animators to create the illusion of life through intuitive rigs, beautiful deformations and solid pipelines.
Co-founded by Josh Carey, Brad Clark and Chad Moore.

About Brad Clark:

I am a coffee seeking digital mountain man.
I make animation possible. I do many things artistic and technical and I share that knowledge as often as possible. My latest work can be seen being played by happy gamers and watched by excited fans.
I am currently a Character Art and Technology Consultant actively working with several next generation rigging and animation projects.  – Find me on Twitter @Bclark_Cgchar






 from a #testimonial  on Twitter

Tim Borrelli @Anim8der

Lead Animator. Strongman.
Previously of @DSVolition, @5THCell.
#GDCANIM Roundtable Host @Official_GDC.
Writer of letters to Andy Serkis. @animstate(r)  ·


“Just want to give a quick shoutout to @bclark_cgchar at @riggingdojo!
Over the past week I’ve been ramping up on Maya rigging, and @riggingdojo helped me work through a bunch of workflow issues in Maya.
I’ve been able to crank though stuff a lot faster due to his help.
@bclark_cgchar is the man, and as such y’all should recognize! :)”
Course Announcement news update

Ramahan Faulk New Mentor, New Course at Rigging Dojo

We are excited and happy to welcome and old friend, Ramahan Faulk, recently of Digital Domain, to Rigging Dojo as our new modeling Mentor!

Ramahan will be teaching a course on professionally built topology for performance based deformations. A must-take course for modelers who need to build for animation as well as character TDs needing to improve their eye for topology and controlling the shapes their rig makes.

Apply Now -start date Nov 17th 2014!


Ramahan Faulk

As a leading character performance focused artist and technician, Ramahan Faulk has worked on many high-end film projects as well as major video game franchises and commercials. Prior to his career in the entertainment business Ramahan was on active duty with the United States Navy as Jet Engine Mechanic where he explored all things technical and exploited his enjoyment for aviation for 9 years. After serving in the Desert Storm War, Ramahan decided to make his passion for character art a lucrative career. “There is nothing more special than doing what you love to do” During his Visual FX career Ramahan quickly developed his skill set and has worked on projects such as James Cameron’s Avatar, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Eragon, Maleficent, The Adventures of Tintin, The Fantastic Flying Books of M r. Morris Lessmore (that won an Academy A ward for Best Short Film (Animated) and m any others. Ramahan has also been intricately involved in real-ti me game productions during his career with a focus being on developing award winning and compelling facial performances that can be adapted to game development and various real-ti me areas of the pre-production process. Ramahan has always enjoyed following technology and finding creative ways of harnessing its power for that perfect shot or immersive real-time experience.

Special Course: About the course

Production Modeling and Sculpting FACS Facial blendshapes for VFX

This course is essential in understanding the need of professionally built topology for performance based deformations.

FACS Paul Faces

Week 1 – Topology

A basic mesh to communicate theories on topology is provided.
Instruction will be given on proven techniques and the thought process behind them . This weeks lessons will aid in resolving topology issues in production and building solutions that are bullet proof.

Week 2- Blendshapes

Reading motion and blendshape development
We will be teaching the process of reading reference correctly and how to properly great motion in blendshapes using a basic scalable workflow.*

Week 3- Face details

We will be discussing the face structures and deforming forms of the face while you author convincing shapes using the techniques covered in week 1-2

Week 4 – Practice and review

We will doing a recap on all techniques and spending more time on practices from week 3..
At the completion of week 4 the artist will have been exposed to the building blocks required to successfully develop his or her skill set in the area of facial blendshape and create topology for professional productions.

*Model will be provided, Maya and Mudbox will be the base teaching applications.

Apply Now -start date Nov 17th 2014!