We are excited to be able to be at SIGGRAPH this year with all the great character work going on it should be a great event.

Here is where to find us and when.

The Art of Character Rigging

Tuesday, 26 July, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm :  Hilton Anaheim, Avila room

This session is for attendees interested in talking about the challenges, failures, and successes of character rigging, tools and technology, training, and where to go from here.

July 26th and 27th  :  Show Floor  BOXX booth booth #361

Heads up Animators and Character TDs, Brad Clark Co-Founder and mentor at Rigging Dojo is coming to give you a new perspective on your tools and workflow.

Brad Clark

Brad has solved problems in technique and workflow for Animators and Character Tds for teams from Dreamworks, EA studios, Sony, Volition and most recently Epic Games, and is going to share some training tips with you at the Boxx booth during SIGGRAPH.

Stop in and grab new Rigging Dojo sticker and find out about Brads recent tests of our Apexx 2 system and how you can stop wasting time waiting for exporting, baking and get back to animating faster. Learn to quit fearing heavy data, mocap and animation layers, tricks to speed up your rig and take control over your time so you can create more and still have time practice handstands and climb rocks (*Cartwheel and handstand challenges accepted, not responsible for how much fun or injury might be involved)

*Brad will be demoing some of the the fresh new Zombie moves from @MoCapOnline

[FBX] Zombie Pro: MoCap Animation Pack - MoCap Online - 4

About Rigging Dojo:

Rigging Dojo – Teaching the art and science of character rigging, enabling animators to create the illusion of life through intuitive rigs, beautiful deformations and solid pipelines.
Co-founded by Josh Carey, Brad Clark and Chad Moore.

About Brad Clark:

I am a coffee seeking digital mountain man.
I make animation possible. I do many things artistic and technical and I share that knowledge as often as possible. My latest work can be seen being played by happy gamers and watched by excited fans.
I am currently a Character Art and Technology Consultant actively working with several next generation rigging and animation projects.  – Find me on Twitter @Bclark_Cgchar




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