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Skinning Rigtip for a little known tool

Move Weights tool, a little known tool that you should be using to make skinning easier and allow for added control in a pinch. TDs can use it to speed up skinning by copying good weighting to new joints for twist, like shoulders to a few new twist joints in the upper arm for example. […]

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Autodesk Maya 2017 update 3 – can’t miss features

Can’t miss features in Maya 2017 update 3   Autodesk has pushed a sizeable update to 2017 in several areas. We are going to point out the ones that stand out for animators and character Tds. We are excited to see some of the updates show up as there are a few nice built-in features […]

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Maya 2016.5 and 2017 invertShape

From our friend and Mentor: Morgan Loomis Just like @chadvernon‘s great cvShapeInverter, can now invert a shape in @AdskMaya 2016.5+ using invertShape($deformed, $corrected) If your in the UI and wanting to do this you can use the they have a “duplicate pose shape” as part of the pose editor in 2017 #rigtip

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Successful Mirror Skin Weights Options

Use these Mirror Skin Weights Options from Rigging Dojo to improve your results. Maya skinning tools can be picky at times but as long as you don’t let it have to many choices, like a 2 year old child, then things can go very well. Here are our recommended settings to get good results 99% […]