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Rigging Dojo’s Artist in Residence (AIR) : August – James Direen from Reel FX

August 2014 (AIR)

With James Direen from Reel FX, Thursday August 21st

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meself.jpgDon’t try to take it all in at once.

I like to tell people I’m technically an artist. My passion is really split down the middle between traditional art and straight-up computer science. That is what I love about cg rigging: the more I learn and practice on one side, the better I feel I understand the needs of the other. My career started at Idol Minds, a game studio in Louisville Colorado, where I primarily worked on the PlayStation Network game “Pain.”  I loved the small studio environment where I could wear multiple hats — rigging one week, animating the next. Now I’ve been at Reel FX for 4 years, recently finishing work on their second feature animated film, “The Book of Life”. Here I am continually amazed and fueled by what we can accomplish with a large team.

James Direen ProfilePic

Rigging Artist at Reel FX

James has just finished up his work on Reel FX production of “The Book of Life” and has worked on some other great projects, check his Filmography.


 2014 Book of Life (rigging artist) (completed)
 2013 Free Birds (rigging artist)
 2012 Daffy’s Rhapsody (Short) (rigger)
 2011 Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (TV Short) (rigger)
 2011 I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat (Short) (rigger)

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