Rigging Dojo’s Artist in Residence (AIR) : July- Sterling Reames

July (AIR) :

 Sterling Reames Wednesday July 30th at 6:30PM EST

psssst….links to free stuff at the bottom đŸ™‚

Our next live AIR meeting will be Wednesday July 30th at 6:30PM EST/5:30CST

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Our Artist in Residence will be Sterling Reames.

Find him on Twitter @SterlingReames

Sterling got his start back in 2008 working on a dance MMO at Conduit Labs, making characters get down with their bad selves while demonstrating his own fierce moonwalking skills. After that, it was on to Zynga making Indiana Jones whip and sloths cuddle. When Zynga Boston suffered its unfortunate shutdown, he teamed up with the founders of Proletariat Inc. to work on making games for the people, instead of corporate overlords. In a previous life, he was an MC from the mountains of Colorado.

At Proletariat, he currently animates the living, the dead (which move around a shocking amount given their deadness), and the living dead. Like many small game studios, he wears many hats in his day to day work. He’s also the rigging artist, the fx guy, and does a bit of UI animation too. Basically, if it moves, there’s a good chance he had a hand in it.




World Zombination is in beta now! Sign up at http://www.worldzombination.com/


What is even more awesome than an live humans talking about the stuff you love?

FREE RIGS of course!

Free character rigs (These are so much fun) created by Sterling for their game.

World Zombination character rig,

+making of


World Zombination Lady Squidfingers Rig

+ making of


 World Zombination Destrucktor Rig

+making of








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