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Blender new developer quick start guide

Welcome, you are wanted here. *Note that there have been some changes as the development moved to GIT You might be here because you like Blender and want to make it better. You might be a programmer who found a bug to fix or you are an artist who wants to learn to make an […]

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Animation Exchange 2021 – The Blender Rosetta Stone for Production Artists

Ready to level up your Blender knowledge? Brad Clark ( acts as translator and guide for experienced animators and tech artists wanting to dive deeper into this opensource 3D program. If you are a Maya or Max animator then this is your starting point to get into rigging and Animation. Learn how to learn Blender. […]

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Learning Character Rigging in Maya or Blender for free

You want to learn to rig characters for free in Maya or Blender? This is the place to start your journey.

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Blender Motion Editing Secrets

If you are an animator wanting or needing to move away from Maya and MotionBuilder and not sure how you are going to do it, this is the way.