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Maya #rigtip – Jaw Translation on Vimeo

Nice rig tip on using the remap value node to improve the feel and look of the jaw in motion, from our alumnus Greg Hendrix. #rigtip #faceRigging #Maya #Autodesk

Greg Hendrix

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Cult of Rig

This is going to be a must watch source so spread the word and show support and follow Raf on Twitter

We have had Raf on our A.I.R video series and he showed us all a glimpse of how he thinks about rigging and performance, this new stream looks to be a PHD level of learning depth aimed at all skill levels.

“Join the Cult”


Cult of Rig is a series about character rigging based on first principles, intended to show how to produce high performance, feature rich rigs from absolute scratch.

Everything needed will be covered on a per-need basis as we go, in a very accessible manner, with little technical know-how required to join; from mathematics to programming to how DCC software works under the hood, as well as anatomy and kinesiology (much) later on.”

Broadcast times:

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Mentor Spotlight : Daniel McCrummen

Dan is our main Face rigging 101 mentor and just wrapped up his current class.  We are really happy to have him as part of the Mentor team here at Rigging Dojo and this time because his latest class had some really nice comments for him, we had to share here.

” Just wanted to thank you for all your feedback and this awesome course. I had a lot of fun and learned a bunch of new stuff. I feel way more confident to approach face rigs, thank you!”

” Thank you for a great and fun class. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.”

“I liked the course.  It was fun trying out techniques I haven’t used before.  Thank you Daniel!”

” I’ve learned a ton from this class, even just new general rigging techniques. Thank you so much for taking the time to mentor us and make us all videos every week!”

Thankful to our Face Rigging 101 students and we are glad you joined us for training.

Rigging Dojo Face Rigging 101
Model from Rigging Dojo and HippyDrome.Com

Want to join in on the fun? You can find out more about our classes and we will look forward to training with you.