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CgmTools and MRS alive and well

Update from Josh Burton at CG Monastery:

Rigging Dojo MRS Workshop

cgmTools/MRS Status??

I’ve had a couple of people ask if development of cgmTools and MRS is dead. They go to the CG Monastery website and see it hasn’t been updated in a LONG time and make that understandable assumption.

Short story:
Yes, we’re still very much making and using cgmTools and MRS in production as are our users. The proximal animal rigs I post are all made with those tools.

Websites are a pain and I lack the time to resolve some things and so have moved to other communications methods but haven’t taken down the old stuff.

Long story: Python 3 (Maya 2022+)

I’ve not jumped to Python 3 (Maya 2022+) yet because we’ve not had a project demanding it yet. We’re still happy in 2018-2020. Instead I’ve been focused on making the rig building workflow better and adding features (for new animals setups for example).

We’ve had a number of issues with websites over the years, this is mainly because WordPress plugin issues making it very difficult to do anything until we redo a lot of web work.

We don’t really have time/interest to do that right now and so the best place to go to stay up to date with MRS is our Discord server( Github’s wikki setup has proven not a great solution for more detailed docs. So our docs are now housed on Google docs because it’s really easy to update and throw images in.

Learn and Grab Stuff

Get started with cgmTools |
CGM Production Docs |
CGM Tools Docs |
MRS Docs |
Find cgmRigs here |
Vimeo Vids | (Ones released before migration to Discord were unlocked – 2022 and before)

Recommended Branch

-PY3 Repos
— main | reg branch
— diffusionTools | GrAIBox dev
-Py2 Repos
— MRSDAILY | Use this branch for PY2. Most updated, typically at least weekly, more buggy
— MRSDEV | Usually a month or so behind, more stable. Don’t use this branch for now unless you need it for legacy setup.

I’ve been updating the docs as I’ve been working on our workshop refresh.

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