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Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day 008 Math Crash Course

Season 00 Day 008 Stream – Math Crash Course – Trigonometry and Matrix Mult Trig is the study and solution of triangles…or all angles Starting with Trigonometry as it is a basic and good place to start vs. starting with linear algebra that creates lots of extra wasted calculations. “You hear me mention custom nodes…doesn’t […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day 007 Matrix math rig clean-up

Season 00 Day 007 Stream – Cleaning the Components “Day 7, we introduce matrix multiplication and then proceed to an uninterrupted stretch of rigging proper (yay!) Lots of nodelling.”   What is the Matrix? 6:00 (video) Raf hits some basics of the Matrix, the Matrix is the transform in Maya and describes what was required […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day 06 – Theory and Applied vectors, IK pedals

Season 00 Day 6 – Theory and Applied vectors, IK pedals   “More on vectors while we actually show some application, and eventually make it to hooking up the pedals’ geo to the IK pedals control in the niche of time” “Day 6, crash course in vector math, sprinkle of matrix math, and finally, applying […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 Day004 – Nodelling the Components

Season 00 Day 004 – Nodelling the Components Day 4, nodelling some components together and finally some amount of actual rigging Continuing to build on the previous video with some updates to the core control shapes with better direction and selection and moved the model and nodes up from the world (this was done off […]

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Cult of Rig : Season 00 day 002 Components and Interfaces

  season 00 day002 stream components, Interfaces Day 2, components and interface first for encapsulation of components. Components and interfaces: Isolation of components Few streams leading up to SIGGRAPH and first season will be after SIGGRAPH First Principles Encapsulation is one of the most important parts of object oriented programing and building interfaces. Components require […]