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Free Cartoon Rabbit Rig – Making of

Rigging Dojo alumnus, Arman Musovic, Free Cartoon Rabbit Rig – Making of interivew

Rigging Dojo alumnus Arman Musovic an all around excellent TD before coming to train with us has created and shared a very nice free cartoon Rabbit Rig for animators to use and we wanted to know more about his process and experience of creating a free rig.

“Developing the Hare rig was both enjoyable and challenging. The Hare is a character primarily based on the classical bunny which might at the first seem to be quite positive simply because it is so familiar to so many people. The bunny’s large scale presence in both the CG and the real world however also means a quite large number of viewers finding themselves criticizing your work. “The ears aren’t quite right”, “don’t you think the paws should be a little longer” etc., is what you would frequently hear when displaying your work. However, it also allows for taking a perspective one might have had overlooked if one had worked on a model less “familiar” to the public at large.”


Lets get in to the QA with Arman.

Q: Any difficulties you had in rigging that character? What was it and how did you solve it?

There was a few difficulties. One of them was really weird topology on inner side of lips and. It was really challenging to get lips looking decent. On other hand, I was working really long on some other rig module for Hare’s ears, VFK based on Jeff’s trunk VFK rig. It was working well but few days before publish I realized some weird rotation issues which I wasn’t satisfied with, so I decided to go with current ear system. I had no time to invest to find the way to fix those Euler rotations. As well eyelids took a quite a bit time to look ok.

 Q: Did you script it or build it by hand or both

Since I couldn’t use scripts and whole systems from our tools at studio, me and my colleague Dalila did it all by hand, then we script arms/legs/spine so we can reuse for some of our future free releases, although we already changed some modules to work better then on Hare. There is a video in attachment showing scripted Hare arm/leg

Hare armModule DEMO from Rigging Dojo on Vimeo.

Q: Did you use any existing tools and why/why not?

I am not big fan of free existing tools out there. Everyone aproachs differently to rigging, so when I used some free existing tools in the past I realised I am spending a lot of time fixing some issues to work with the pipeline I am used to or some general issues that I encounter with the tools.  Always write your own plug-ins if you can

Q: What were one or two things that came up on the rig after it was released?How did you fix them? Were they obvious and just missed or something you didn’t think about?

After the release someone called a bug. Some strange rotation was happening on the left shoulder. We realized an up vector for aim constraint was not constrained properly. I have to mention that just a few days before publish we have decided to completely change module of the arm. At the first we did not want to spend so much time on this rig, but later on I thought it would be great to implement bendy limbs and elbow lock/pin, so we did, and that was the reason for that upvector thing we forgot  🙂

Q: If you could redo any one thing from the start would you, if yes, what and why?

Personally I would do everything from the start. Hare rig was a fun project that I worked after job, but soon enough I was really overwhelmed with studio tasks which required an overtime. Hare rig was always on my mind since it was unfinished. If I could I would certainly redo leg module. I would implement same system as it is on arm. Regarding arm, even animators have a solution to space switch+match on script I would give space switch control in channel box as well since some animators are not using script. I would change foot rig since some people are not used to Hare Footroll control (most of animators out there apparently like channel box footroll 😀 ). I would add more things to foot (bank, different rolls etc). I would as well change a bit spine, since I’m not satisfied with the result. Of course I would change face but before everything first I would alter a bit mouth model and topology.

Thanks to all of you who support me

Arman Musovic

Check out more of his work and get links to download the rig here


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