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July (A.I.R) Artist in Residence – Raffaele Fragapane

*Updated 2018* Latest notes on rig speed and evaluation in Maya can be found from the Cult of Rig videos

 Cult of Rig Rigging by First Principles
Cult of Rig Rigging by First Principles

A.I.R is back and it is kicking off with a bang!

July 29th at 9PM CDT.
(One time payment and not our previous monthly subscription charge)


Raffaele is a Technical Director and pipeline engineer with close to twenty years of experience, about fifteen of which spent in various character related roles in the film industry. Over the last seven he’s covered various supervisor positions at Animal Logic stretching from reengineering the Animation Pipeline on Legend of the Guardians to doing tech development for rigging on LEGO the movie.





A proficient developer and a close-to-users Technical Director he’s focused on bringing high performance and Computer Science first principles to VFX and animation, and has taught and lectured about related subjects internally and outside for a while.




Rigging Dojo’s AIR program lets you follow along with our Artist in Residence as they open the door to their work. This can include behind the scenes of their recent work or new techniques and tools or experiments they are pursuing. We will feature many different artists at top studios (and indy’s too) around the world. For the price of a burrito¬†subscribers will be engaged with the AIR via questions and answer period after their presentation.


This will be a great way for artists to gain valuable insight and ideas from an industry pro as they tackle an item of interest to them.


You get:


Invite to our live Artist in Residence meeting and access to video replay if you missed the live meeting.


Our meeting with Raffaele is on July 29th at 9PM CDT. Sing up now, space is limited. $6.46 Please note this is a one time payment and not our previous monthly subscription charge.





Raffaele will introduce some simple abstracts of graph theory, a foundational topic almost always overlooked even by experience TDs, basics of multi threading in the context of concurrency and performance, and explain how they come together in Maya’s DAG/DG implementation and how they can be leveraged to understand and exploit the recent parallel evaluation mode.


Subjects will be introduced at an elementary level and programming or exotic math skills aren’t required to understand the notions or appreciate the subject, all you have to bring is an interest in opening up your view on performance related fundamentals. After all the only feedback nobody has ever heard from an animator is “this rig is way too fast, I need it to be slower!”



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