Rigging Dojo AIR rigtip tutorial video

Rigging Dojo AIR subscription excerpt: Easy skinning

Are you already a subscriber to our Artist in Residence program? If yes, leave a comment and let us and others know how it has benefited you, we love feedback.

With several current students and others posting for help with skinning and deformation over on Twitter, we wanted to help by sharing some helpful tips with the great ngSkinTools to work through some very challenging skinning and deformation problems.

These tips work for any character but this one was for an independent game developer that Rigging Dojo was helping out with motion capture retargeting and rig fine-tuning after they ran their characters through the Mixamo Auto-rigger.

For the many artists and animators that are doing independent work and the increase in smaller projects and the availability of Maya LT, more and more people are having to become jack of all trades again, we hope these videos and tips will help them create better content without dedicated character technical artists.

In this video Brad does a short overview of our Rigging Dojo program and upcoming courses and then on to the skinning tip that can save you hours of work on complex overlapping muti-shell geometry and explore a little known part of the ngSkinTools.

If you would like to join us each month for a live online presentation and QA with a variety of character TDs covering a range of subjects subscribe here for only $3.49 per month.
Please share this with anyone you think could benifit from these tips. Thank you!

Rigging Dojo AIR Monthly subscription excerpt from Rigging Dojo on Vimeo.
Teaching the Art and Science of Character Rigging

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