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Alumnus Spotlight Duncan Rudd – Short film “TANKED”

A couple of loved up lobsters have their tango disrupted by a sadistic chef in this short film “TANKED” by Duncan Rudd.

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Maya 2014 HIK menu bug FK add to selection fix

This is a very silly bug I found today but it is annoying and thankfuly the fix is easy. Trying to select the FK nodes for a character from the menu Errors saying ” hikSelectRigFKNodes” does not exist.You get this error because the global variable for this procure should have an uppercase K. Instead we […]

2013 Autodesk CAT HIK MAX Maya MotionBuilder

Autodesk MotionBuilder New Features ( Little something that I have been helping with)

AREA | Autodesk MotionBuilder New Features Also check out the new Max CAT HIK workflow Here is something that might interested people I noticed in the pres release for 2013. Also Maya like navigation is coming as well! 3ds Max 2013 announced!: Autodesk HumanIK Interoperability with CAT Animators can now convert 3ds Max CAT (Character […]

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Details on Set Driven Key in Maya converted to MotionBuilder

I just found this artists blog , Scott Englert. He has a very detailed tutorial on the difference and how to setup Driven keys in MotionBuilder vs. Maya. I talk about using the relation constraints and function curves in the DVD but this really takes you through the steps of remapping the values from your […]