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New! Video courses from Rigging Dojo

Rigging Dojo was founded to help artists overcome the obstacles of production by focusing on teaching the art and science of character rigging.

You wanted to work on your own, train sooner while being more affordable.

We listened and are creating, updating and streamlining our training to create a self paced, video mentor courses. Once a week a new lecture and assignment will open up as you work through the course work.

We will be continuing to add to to the available self paced courses so check back often or signup to our newsletter to get announcements on new releases and future discount codes.

Ready for more? Need to ask your questions to a human, with critique videos, discussions with classmates and the benefits of our live classes? Check out the Mentor Led Courses at the top of the page and gain access to the next level of training you need to advance.


Check out our first MetaData course and a pre-requsite for our Mentored CGM workshops, say hello to smarter rigs, better pipelines and happier animators.

“Intro To MetaData”
Only $49.99


We have also converted our class with Jeff over to the new video course site and at half the price with no wait, you can now learn the same techniques

Prop Rigging With Jeff Brodsky Video Course


Also we have posted our Quick Training custom class that Brad has used to help artists get up to speed on Maya when working in Max

Character TD 3ds Max to Maya Cross-training

Learn the tools and features with a side by side look at Maya and 3ds Max and quickly get up and running

$49.99 USD



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