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Fall 2015 Rigging Dojo Character Rigging Courses special

We have openings this Fall for our Face Rigging 101 workshop as well our VFX modeling class and our Props course.


1. Face Rigging Rigging 101: (642.01)


Rigging mentor Daniel McCrummen, is back for another Face rigging course.
Check out his “Book of Life” work at ReelFX.

Course Schedule:

Week 1:
Topology and model selection
Reference review and draw overs
Week 2:
Rig setup in detail
Week 3:
Start the rig build based on our reference, joint placement
Week 4:
Jaw and lips
Week 5:
Forehead and eyebrows
Week 6:
Eyes and eyelids
Week 7:
Cheek and squint
Week 8:
Nose, ears, and misc joints
Wrap up


September 14th: Apply now – approval required


2. Production Sculpting for VFX ($821.99)  : special $499.99

The modeling course designed for character TDs and sculptors in Feature film or game development.

We are proud to offer “Production Sculpting F.A.C.S Facial Blendshapes for VFX”, after we had an amazing early access beta run. The improvements and breakthroughs in the students were fantastic to witness.

If your doing great work but still feeling like your face rigs are missing the extra detail that the big studios are producing, this course will get you there. Even pros need time to practice and improve outside of production cycles.




Warning, there is high participation required and expectations of iteration on the work so you can get feedback and grow your skill set.
If you are looking to just learn modeling, please go check out some other class.

More information on the production-sculpting-vfx course…

Active registration :  Apply now – approval required


3. Props Rigging Course with Jeff Brodsky (589.00)

Stop struggling with creating seemingly complex environment and prop interactions with your characters and want a to see a fresh way to apply rigging concepts in new ways, this is a great course for you

September 14th: Apply now – approval required


*note if you have a hotmail or outlook email address, you most likely will not receive emails from us or the registration. Please use another email host address like gmail in order to insure you get conformations.

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