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Maya Time Editor – Learning Series


A getting started series on the Time Editor in Autodesk Maya by Steven Roselle

A getting started series on the Time Editor in Autodesk Maya by Steven Roselle. This is a very clear ramp up on using the Time Editor to create, blend, edit and time warp animations in a non-destructive and non-linear animation editing tool. Must watch for animators in Maya.

Our friend and Maya master Steven Roselle from My Oh Maya is creating a series of videos on the Time Editor tool. These are a great starting point for anyone who still has not tried it yet. He also covers some tips and workflows that, if you have used the Time Editor, there is a good chance you missed or overlooked. He covers clip creation and re-use, time warps, animated icons for your pose library, matching clips and transferring animation to name a few examples.

While not yet a MotionBuilder replacement it offers a much better option than the older TRAX workflow in Maya. The Time Editor among other things gives your the ability to work with diffrent “TAKES” in Maya out of the box like an animator could with MotionBuilder, allowing more than once timeline of animation at a time in a fast way without hacking it with the older Animation Layer system.

Maya Time Editor Part 1 – Getting Started

Maya Time Editor Part 2 – Clips and Sources

Maya Time Editor Part 3 – Baking and Exporting

Maya Time Editor Part 4 – Clip Remapping

Maya Time Editor Part 5 – Blending and Retiming

Maya Time Editor Part 6 – Clip Layers



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