October Course Announcements from Rigging Dojo: Props

Jeff is back for another round of Props fun, we filled up quick last time with some great results.

Give this video a watch if you want to know more about the course.  You will see some of Jeffs latest work in “Big Hero 6” from Walt Disney Animation Studios, in theaters Nov 7

It is a fantastic course to learn some new ways to think about rigging for environmental and prop interaction with characters. It is a great way to take the foundation of rigging you already know and apply it in new ways. You will find the approach to props rigging Jeff takes opens your mind up to other possibilities of rigging that can apply beyond props.


Apply here!

See some of our student work from last session, check out Harris Wu putting some prop rigging bridge work to use.

Also props student Darrol Moore demoing the bridge final project  https://vimeo.com/101396764

“I do have to thank Jeff Brodsky who mentored the course. His feedback was great and he helped by subtly pointing me in the right direction a few times along the way.”

Course start: October


p.s. Our Maya C++ API course announcement will be coming soon, stay tuned!

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