Quadruped rigging in Autodesk Maya part 2 is now live.

Part 2 of quadruped rigging in Autodesk Maya up now.

About the training:

Rigging 101 and Rigging Dojo are proud to bring you this free training with Quadruped Friendly Rigging and a large set of bonus training material to you for free.
Javier AKA “Goosh”, is letting everyone have access to his training and we are happy we can help bring it to all of you.
We all have learned a great deal from all the education and support Javier has given to the rigging community and we hope that you will get as much out of this as we have.


Share it so others can learn from it as well, the more shares

Go to the training page here to get the free videos and download the masterclass files.

Josh, Brad and Chad … and “Goosh”.

Rigging 101 and Rigging Dojo free training

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