Two new special courses at Rigging Dojo Character Engineering and Prop rigging

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Special Apprenticeships – Character Engineering :  Morpheus

CGMonks  have partnered with Rigging Dojo on creating special project  “Character Engineering – Morpheus”. This is a studio class that aims to cover learning how to integrate the Red9  tools, how to work with an existing open source library and with set standards so that students can build tools, expand on/improve and contribute to the opensource CGMonks Took kit as well as the Morpheus rig project.

By studio class, we mean that the class will be treated like a team with tasks to complete and collaborate on.

This isn’t a class to learn to use Morpheus – that will be handled via some videos at release. This is for those TD’s who wanna join in in making as great a shared tool set as possible.

Studio Portion

The specifics of what that studio session will cover will be subject to what the ‘students’ want to do. If everyone wants to work on customization stuff, then we’ll work on that together, if one student wants has a great idea for a tool and just needs help learning how to build that and integrate it to an existing ‘pipeline’, we’d support that student on that and maybe other folks on something else.

Student Expectations

  • Before asking for help, spend at least 20 minutes trying to solve it yourself. Problem solving is a vital skill
  • Complete all assignments by Friday the week they are due unless otherwise specified
  • Contribute — this class will do you little good if you aren’t engaged
  • Provide Helpful Critique — when offering critique, just saying something isn’t right isn’t especially helpful. Say why you think that.
  • There aren’t always wrong solutions — solutions either work or they don’t. After that, it’s a matter of efficiency and sometimes just opinion.

Potential Paths

  • Customization — Work through building guts and tech for the finalizing the Morpheus 2 customization setup. This would be tackling such exciting items as – blendshape libraries, hair, prop clothing implementation. Definitely a beard. Morpheus needs a beard.
  • New module — Build a new module for the system like a wing, long neck head, quad leg or perhaps some more mechanical setups. This would entail designing and implementing template objects and learning to write and push that through to a final rig item that ties in to the rest of the modular rigger.
  • Facial system — Work through learning the new methods and tools of the Morpheus 2 facial rig. Polishing, adding features and learning how to build on it.
  • New/Existing Tool Pipeline — Learn the bits of designing and writing a new tool for Maya – from gui, designing for user friendliness, breaking down the tool to build able bits, debugging and more. If students have tool designs we can start from scratch or we can grab from the ever growing pile of internal ideas from CG Monks.


  • Some td experience – this isn’t a beginners course
  • Decent python knowledge
  • Bitbucket account – they’re free
  • Sharing Sentiment – Any usable work done during the course will go into the freely available tool kit

Students have tool designs we can start from scratch or we can grab from the ever growing pile of internal ideas from CG Monks.

Class (8 week intensive apprenticeship)
$1226 – base cost
There are discounts available for Morpheus 2 backers and Rigging Dojo Alumni.



Special Courses: Prop rigging with Jeff Brodsky:

Fresh off working at Disney Feature Animation,  Props rigging with Jeff Brodsky will be a fantastic course to learn some new ways to think about rigging for environmental and prop interaction with characters.
To get a taste of his teaching, check out our blog post from Jeff on one of the coolest trunk or tentacle  rigs we have seen.
Rigging Tips and Tricks : Variable FK rigging with Mentor Jeff Brodsky

Week 1: Rigging beyond the character
Theory and foundations covers the differences between prop and character rigging
With a look at how to  refer to story reels and check with the anim supervisor as to performance requirements
keeping it simple, light and fast

Week 2:
Environment interactions: Rope bridge project part 1

Like the one Jeff rigged in “Horton Hears a Who” from Blue Sky Studios.

Week 3:
Environment interactions: Rope bridge project part 2

Week 4:
Prop management Tools: In-shot constraint tools for managing character/prop constraint setups like weapons


  • Maya and basic rigging (constraints, ik, bones, skinning) required.
  • Basic scripting knowledge as well since a rig like that has to be scripted. Nothing crazy just a basic understanding of variables, loops and functions.

Class (4 week compressed course)


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