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The Rigging Buddies Podcast #26: Alicia Carvalho

This is a great interview with Rigging Dojo Alumna, Alicia Carvalho, Rigging Supervisor at Digital Dimension. There are some great discussion about deformation and the needs for having good skinning and deformation skills. Alicia shares some must hear advice on how to prepare information before rigging and insights on how to lead a team and work with production to get great results. This is a must listen for anyone new or experienced character TDs, go show them support.

Also DO NOT miss the last half hour+ of this podcast. It is an outstanding discussion of women in the workforce, bias & the impact on career path. It is incredibly important if you are management or artist, you need to hear this.

Huge thanks to Miquel for doing the Rigging Buddies Podcast and keeping the interviews going for the community. Be sure to check out all the great podcasts and the mGear rigging tools he has created for Maya (We also start our Rigging 101 students on mGear to explore concepts)

About Rigging Dojo Rigging Class

Our Rigging 101 Class spends a good deal of time on the foundations of what makes good skinning and deformation from the ground up and anyone who has taken our class will recognize this quote that we start our skinning topic with.

“My biggest gauge is that I still look for deformations that are really high quality. You can’t easily teach someone to have an “eye” for what looks right. Someone who knows what an arm should look like when it moves is way more valuable to me than the person that can build a fancy toolset. To me it is still comes down to the same thing, do they “get it.” No matter how they get there, did they hit a creative goal. Some people get hung up on technique and process. They forget that they are creating something. “

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