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2017 CGMonks cgmToolbox How-To

Josh Burton at CGMonks has created a new set of  How-to videos covering the updates and use of their cgmToolbox tools.
These are a great set of tools that combine many separately used tools from other TDs as well as custom written ones from Josh and team.

After install of course, the one video to watch if you are an animator, or if your animator wants to use this (Tds) is the Quick Prop rig with cgmLocinator.

More videos coming with a great timeline quick select bake update as well.

If you want to learn from Josh and get deeper in to coding Meta Data rigs or learn from a Mentored class on the Morphy Rig 2.0 and open source development you can start with our onDemand video course “Introduction to MetaData with CG Monks”.



Video: Installing cgmToolbox 2017


Video: cgmMarkingMenu – {Installation}

Video: cgmMarkingMenu – {snap}

Video: cgmMarkingMenu – {Intro to Raycasting}

Video: cgmMarkingMenu – {Anim Mode}

Video: cgmLocinator – {Introduction}

Video: Use demo: cgmLocinator – {Simple prop tracking}


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