Morpheus Rig 2.0 Free – MRS Tool set

Beyond the Free single rig the Morpheus system and grown and become a full animation and rigging toolset (MRS).

Hello and welcome to Rigging Dojo. As one of the sponsors of the CG Monks on the Morpheus Rig update we hope you enjoy using the tools. If you’d like to learn about character rigging and related technical art, check out our training options on the site.

The Morpheus Rig System (MRS) is a python based modular framework and toolset for the creation of high quality creature and character rigs for Autodesk Maya. The fully-customizable rigs can be built for anything from a Unity mobile app to a full feature rig.

MRS uses a template system under which small rig modules are snapped together and fitted to the character model. These templates are used to generate the controls, wiring and structures of our rigs. The templates can be reconfigured and reused for multiple characters with differing proportions.

Every rig created with MRS is fully integrated into the MRSAnimate toolset to provide a full rigging and animation pipeline for studios of any size.

That said, trying to learn on your own both how to use it and how to expand and improve it takes time. We partnered with Josh and the CG Monks team through CGMonastery to create a class that is the fastest way to get started rigging and build a foundation to grow from, allowing you to rig any kind of creature or character you dream up.


Want to learn the backbone Node network rigging used in the MRS rigging system?

Check out the Intro to MetaData with Josh on our Self Paced Learning site