Morpheus Rig 2.0 Free

#Update :Morpheus Rig 2.0 available free for download

The free Rig and the entire project and python code is now open

New training Prerequisite:

We have a new Intro to MetaData with Josh on our Self Paced Learning site that is a prerequisite for future Mentor led Courses with Josh and the CGMonks Team.




Hello and welcome to Rigging Dojo. We’re excited to sponsor the good work from CG Monks on the Morpheus Rig. If you’d like to learn about character rigging and related technical art, check out our training options on the site. Our custom mentor driven sessions address the needs you and your mentor agree upon.

It’s a truly customized and unique learning environment.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to train with you soon.


Mentor lead training with Josh and the CGMonks

Character Engineering : Morpheus course


Morphy Rig from CG MONKS v. 2.0 Body Alpha 1 testing

Make sure to go download the cgmTools or take a course to contribute to the opensource project


Special Apprenticeships –
Character Engineering : Morpheus

We have partnered with Rigging Dojo on creating special project “Rigging for Morpheus” that aims to cover learning how to integrate the red9 tools, how to work with an existing open source library and with set standards so that students can build tools, expand on/improve and contribute to the opensource CGMonks Took kit as well as the Morpheus rig project.

This isn’t a class to learn to use Morpheus – that will be handled via some vids at release. This is for those td’s who wanna join in in making as great a shared tool set as possible.

Find out the Special Apprenticeships
 Character Engineering : Morpheus course details here.