February Rigging Dojo’s Artist in Residence (A.I.R) : Robbert-Jan Brems

February 2015 (A.I.R) this Thursday 26th – 9pm EST

With Robbert-Jan Brems from Eidos-Montreal

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Robbert-Jan Brems

Robbert-Jan Brems
Technical Artist – Xoliul Shader 2 Co-Creator

We have followed his work and his talks for a few years and are very happy he can share his time with all of our A.I.R subscribers.


“Currently I am working for Eidos-Montreal as a Technical Artist. I worked before for Codemasters and a small mobile studio in Lapland. Some people might know me as Nysuatro, co-creator of Xoliul Shader 2 (open source 3ds Max viewport shader). In my free time I enjoy researching different perspectives of problem solving, go for climbing and dancing.
While explaining on how we can focus on the process, to support a better end-result, I want to teach a different perspective on problem solving that I have been using for a couple of years. Hopefully this can inspire you to explore your personal solution to deal with a day to day problem solving adventure.”
Check out the PDF of his GDC talk on mixing Art through movement and applies it to the Technical side of his job.
  • Presentation GDC Europe 2012 : How breakdance taught me to be a technical artist. Technical art seen from a different point of view. In this session, he will be talking about how personal experiences in breakdance have influenced his day-to-day approach of solving tech art problems on the job. Hopefully this will show another perspective of technical art and inspire attendees to look for knowledge in places they never thought to look.

    Link PDF presentation

Check out more of his work here http://www.nysuatro.com/index.html
 See you then,
Josh, Brad and Chad


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