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Rigging Dojo’s (A.I.R) : Halloween Treat no Tricks with Josh Carey

October 31st 2014 Artist in Residence (A.I.R) Live

With Josh Carey Rigging Dojo Co-Founder and Rigging Supervisor Reel FX
Friday 2/3pm central




Josh, taking a break after finishing up “The Book of Life” is currently teaching on location in Denmark so we have an earlier time than our other AIR events. Also we want to make sure everyone that wants to go Trick or Treating can still get out or maybe find the most sincere pumpkin patch and enjoy the night with friends can do that as well.  We hope to see you there, don’t miss it and avoid wanting “restitution”!

About Josh

“I am currently the Head of Rigging at Reel FX Creative Studios in Dallas, Texas.  While I am in charge of the entire Rigging Dept, my duties reach beyond that simple title.  I supervise on projects while still having plenty of ‘on the box’ time.  I do lots of scripting, developing tools, workflows, as well as getting down and dirty with doing rigs.  We tend to have to work fast here, so I put a lot of emphasis on working fast and efficiently, and I make sure we put a lot of effort into making tools that aid in that workflow.  I am always striving to be better, and really… if you’re not pushing yourself and the artists around you, then what’s the point?

My main drive is in problem solving, but coupled with that comes making great art.  I want to be a part of something awesome, be it great animation, great visual effects work, or developing new technology.  I believe in surrounding yourself with great artists and smart people in order to get better at what you do.  This is truly a never ending learning experience – we are all students of the craft.

In addition to my time at ReelFX, I am also a co-founder of the online rigging school, Rigging Dojo.  I created this with Brad Clark and Chad Moore with the intent to find and develop great technical artists that we can not only hire, but to help set the standard of education for technical art in our industry.  Rigging Dojo has been a complete success so far, considering that our students are getting hired at some top studios.”


Check out his latest work over at

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