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Blender Rigging for Netflix Next Gen

Like many people, we took notice of the work for the new movie coming out from Netflix called “Next Gen” by 
Today we talked with Rigging Lead David Hearn ( about rigging and about working with Blender on a large scale production. (We were also joined by friend and Blender master Charles Wardlaw )


Listen to the interview podcast here, or on our microcast
Check out the trailer:

Next Gen
Be sure to check out the great Blender Robot projects that David has posted on his blog. Here is one of the latest “Machine Making Ep 6”
Main goals of this Machine:
  • To model and rig a full robot in Blender 3D
  • Build a double-jointed leg system using IK
  • Add an interesting city background and push the final composition.
  • Download the asset here:
  • Full Animation Test: (check out the full blog post for more behind the scenes)

Blender Rigging Features:

First check out the latest build Blender 2.8

Check out the features by yourself by playing with these files provided by the community.

Great Rigify Addon – Great place for beginning rigging in blender
Blen Rig – Auto Rigging Solution
Great place to start rigging in blender:

Blender Bendy Bones Example
Blender 2.8 New Armature Display settings
Blender 2.8 new collections and groups
Blender 2.8 Animation + Eevee
Great Intro To Python In Blender
Learning Blender:
Free Blender Models

TechArtJam – Episode 3: Toon Shadey Wiggles and whatnot

Get right to the Microcast

Episode 3 of our Microcast is up. Give us a listen, and send us an audio clip if you want to answer the question of the week! You can find the Microcast anywhere you find your Podcasts, or stream it right here:

What’s new at Rigging Dojo

Our interview with Isabella Cheng

  • Really interesting to hear her talk about the balence of reusing animations via in-engine retargeting versus uniqness of multiple characters movements. This is a really interesting topic that doesn’t get enough discussion. Would love to hear if you have any thoughts on it. Animation budgets are beasts.


  • A handy new mini scripting language for the Maya Channel Box. Math is fun, and helpful!


  • +=fun and productivity!

Danette Beatty

  • Duplicating, scaling up, revresing normals and vertex paining to make an outline. This may not work in every situation but it’s a clever idea. No reason you cant add a deformer as well to do a little toon shading as well

Ryan Porter

  • Ryan is exploring rigigng a very complex model on his blog. I love reading through his thought process, and seeing how he’s working within the constraints the model poses. Check it out!

Question(s) of the week

What’s the biggest change coming to the industry in the next two years?
What should be more predictable, but isn’t?

Ryan Griffin‘s Audio
* Collaboration, within a disclipline and across disciplines

Raffaele Fragapane (who’s cult of rig is fantasic) answered:

Peter Saumur

I think hiring can be more predictable

  • How can we be better match-makers?



Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash


techArtJam episode 002

techArtJam, Episode 2 is live. Stream it here:

Or check it our in the iTune podcast section, as well as Overcast.

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