Cult of Rig : Season 00 day 003 Interfaces continued

season 00 day 003 Interfaces

Control design for your rig, Raf hits on some topics related to control design (much of what he is doing and showing now is “do as I say, not as I do” and will get cleaned up later so if you look at the video screen shot and see a “circle” for a control, that is an example of “bad” design and of what not to do.

First Principles

One size does not fit all

  • Don’t use shapes that lack dimensional depth (square or circle give you no direction or feedback on what it is doing and hard to select)
  • Control shape should be select-able from many angles and should be able to show direction when rotated.
  • Standard rig controls on all rigs don’t work, should be customized per character for best shape and ease of use.
  • Control colors might not work well /look right on a textured character – adjust as needed to be visiable
  • Color blind color design to help animators that might be color blind
  • Make the control select-able, don’t worry about making controls tight to the mesh, priorities are fast picking not visually pretty/shaped with the model.

Chat question:

  • Mesh control vs. curves? Doesn’t replace a good controls and in out of the box vanilla Maya it is a large amount of work compared with Pixar or Dreamworks software
  • Standard colors for left and right? No there aren’t

Control setup

Raf starts talking through some choices that should be made before rigging and dealing with other departments like Modeling. Also getting it done vs. doing it right.

  • IF we decide the wheels should drive the pedals and in a hurry you can cheat with the Model hiearchy
  • BUT…most of the time make sure your Model hiearchy doesn’t intersect or influence your model hiearchy.

….. Skip to 22:00 to miss Raf fighting with default Maya Tools and drawing a new curve shape 🙂

Pedal staff rig node hiearchy and setup

  • pedals_M_cmpnt
    • input
      • localWorld_srt
    • control
      •  pedals_M_staff_ctrl_srtBuffer
        • pedals_M_staff_ctrl
          • pedals_M_staff_ctrlShape
    • deform
      • pedals_M_pedal_srt (joint)

Rigging up the pedals – Continuing with the concept of connecting modules through the input and output system

  • connect pedals_M_cmpnt->input->localWorld_srt.(Translate/Roate/Scale)-> plusMinusAverage (underworld)-> connect pedals_M_cmpnt->control->pedals_M_staff_ctrl_srtBuffer.(Translate/Roate/Scale)

Deformation of geo (video time jump)

Hooking up the rig to the geo now using decomposeMatrix like in the wheel rig

pedals_M_cmpnt->control->pedals_M_staff_ctrl.worldMatrix -> decomposeMatrix-> pedals_M_cmpnt->deform->pedals_M_pedal_srt


Now drive the geo group pedals_hrc with/from the pedals_M_cmpnt->deform->pedals_M_pedal_srt

This is a rigid deformation so this is simply a direct connection between matching nodes.

Rigging Dojo notes: So if you get to this point and are not quite sure how this is working, jump back to our second post for a deeper discussion of component rig design.

Maya crashed and Raf will continue the rig build in the next broadcast(video time jump)

Raf did some QA and discussion on how Rigging and animation didn’t keep up or scale at the same rate as rendering technology and modeling for example.  Jump to the time in the video to hear what he has to say.

“Rigging and Animation are holding each other back”

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