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Sneak Peak MetaData with CG Monks Course

*Alpha Preview look at what we have cooking with the CG Monks

As we get closer and closer to the release of Morphy 2.0 rig we are gearing up to offer some “making of” course material that take the years of work and know how that have gone into the back end rigging systems and tools to build and update the new Morpy rig and bring them to you to allow you to learn from.

*subject to change

Introduction to MetaData with CG Monks

By Josh Burton

An introduction to building your own metadata tools on a foundation of red9’s superb libraries by CG Monks.

Note – “Introduction to MetaData” is a prerequisite course for Morpheus Rig seminars



  • Basic python


  • Maya 2011 or later (note – different maya versions have their own bugs and issues and may introduce new puzzles to solve)
  • Some sort of Python IDE is recommended. I use Wing but any will do. The script editor just isn’t a great place to do a lot of coding.

Course Topics

  • Red9’s MetaClass and Meta Data overview
  • Coding Setup
  • Overview of CG Monks implementation of that as a framework for your own expansion
  • Concepts to Learn
  • Making your own MetaClass subClass

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