Make and sculpt faces like a VFX pro

Rigging Dojo:  Production Sculpting F.A.C.S Facial Blendshapes for VFX

A must for AAA and Feature Film face rigging character TDs and Modellers!

We are official launching our new course, “Production Sculpting FACS Facial Blendshapes for VFX”, after we had an amazing early access beta run.  The improvements and breakthroughs in the students were fantastic to witness.

If your doing great work but still feeling like your face rigs are missing the extra detail that the big studios are producing, this course will get you there.

So many artists still struggle with topology and realistic natural movement on complex characters. Learning topology and shape control that allow for characters to break through the uncanny valley is what this course is about at the core. We all know there are lots of modeling courses and training available but none that covers the details needed for high end visual effects rigging. Learn the techniques and gain the artistic vision required to bring characters like Gollum to life or the subtle realistic face expressions required to make an audience believe in a digital character in AVATAR,  the highest grossing movie of all time.

This course is essential in understanding the need of professionally built topology for performance based deformations.

Rigging Dojo Face Modeling Topo 1
Face mesh feedback on topology and shape movement


“Learning topology and shape control that allow for characters to break through the uncanny valley is what this course is about at the core.”

Rigging Dojo Face Modeling Topo 2
Face markup for students sculpting in Autodesk Mudbox


Mentor feedback:

“I like the way you pushed the geo and got some really good wrinkles going. I would reduce the amount of motion at the top of the brow so we can get a better since of compression from your wrinkles. There are some interesting things that happen to the skin around the eye when the skin stretches upwards! the upper lid does not move all that much but the upper bone ridge gets exposed slightly more as a result of skin being pulled. Maybe more falloff around the nose ridge will also help sell the amount of wrinkling you have.”

Rigging Dojo Face Modeling Topo 3
Sculpting by student Alicia Carvalho, model by Ramahan Faulk – Mentor


Here in this image we can see the improved volume and subtle improvement to the forehead wrinkles over the previous attempt.

When you finish you will join the ranks of Alumni like artists from IO-Interactive, Reel FX, Hybride, Digital District and more, that have pushed their skill to the next level.

Get on the wait list now! space is limited.

We look forward to training with you!



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