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Autodesk 2023

With the release of Maya, 3ds Max and MotionBuilder among other tools, Autodesk has moved 100% to Python 3.9, there is no more launching into Python 2.
From the docs

Python and PyMEL version changes

Maya now supports Python 3 exclusively, and the version of PyMEL used with Maya has been updated to 1.3.

Maya uses Python version 3.9. If you have plug-ins or scripts written in Python 3.7, you may encounter issues when porting them to Python 3.9 as code compatibility is not guaranteed between these two versions. Consult What’s New in Python 3.8 and What’s New in Python 3.9 for details.

Maya no longer supports Python2, and can no longer be started in Python 2 mode.

For the complete list of open source components used by Maya, see Maya 2023 Open Source Components.

This can help get you over the conversion hump if needed check out “How to convert python 2 to Python 3”

If you are using MEL still, well, you have avoided all the drama or are in Maya LT, and while maybe not as fancy and slick as Python, it still runs.

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