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Exporting skin weights in Maya

:Update December 23rd:  A useful update to the core Maya code via Td and awesome tech artist at Epic games Chris Evans


:Updated July 29th: Maya 2017 has once more renamed the menu to remove the “maps” word but haven’t updated the docs to reflect this.


Our latest #rigTip covers the Maya save or export weights process and addresses the current confusion over the name of the tools and functionally built in to Maya.

In the past Maya has had terrible export tools for skinned meshes and they were called ” Export Skin Weight Maps ” and this would save a bunch of images and didn’t work well.

Fast forward – Maya included some better export tools in Bonus tools and then moved them in 2014 in to the main software to allow exporting deformer weights to an XML file and worked as expected, replacing lots of the free save weights scripts that were being used.

Maya 2016 though, finds the “Export Deformer Weights” renamed to “Export Weights Maps”  making for a confusing menu name, making people think it is the old terrible image based exporter, but in actuality it is the new XML exporter.

Here is the Maya help file for reference:

Export and import deformer weights

We hope this helps clear this up, happy character skinning!

Exporting weights from your skinned character in Maya 2016, using the CatFu Autodesk asset


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Finally! I had no idea this was in Maya now. I was still on the hunt for a tool.. again. Thank you so much. This is very convenient! I also hated the map thing, lol. 😀

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