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Great Cause Game Rigging Workshop (one week left)


Great Cause and Fantastic learning opportunity (one week left)

Learn to rig for games with our Mentor Ryan Griffin.

Test your rigging skills under production scenarios and have feedback from animators. Apply now

Some notes on what we plan to cover and what the project will need.

  • Topology evaluation.  Will we have support on the other end if topo edits are needed?
  • Tie in some of the work done in the Python 101 course to speed up rigging and focus on specific requirements for the project.
  • Evaluate animation requirements to determine rig features.
  •  Unity character setup for engine requirements, number of influences per vert, and joint count.
  • A section on Animator Friendly Rigging.
  • Special game rigging related topics like how to get the most from our joints.
  • Basic face rigging
  • Quick tour of rigging code and what it does and how it works?


“I, Hope” An inspiring game about a girl who battles Cancer to save her village, created to help support children in hospitals around the globe.

BOOST YOUR SKILLS – Animate for Games course with Kenny Roy and help kids with cancer from ANOMALIA on Vimeo.



We’ve always believed that video games are the most powerful storytelling medium there is. The feelings and bonds created through gaming are more than just imagined; they’re real, substantial memories that can make a lasting impact on our lives. With “I, Hope,” we aim to create a game captures this impact and shares it with people who need it the most.

“I, Hope” is being developed to support children in hospitals around the globe. When they play “I, Hope,” we want them to feel strong and courageous, empowered by the virtual defeat of their real world enemy. But even more than that, we want them to feel hope for the future, regardless of what it may bring.


Find out more about the game and project here


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