Rigging Dojo’s Artist in Residence (AIR) program – November

Rigging Dojo’s Artist in Residence (AIR) program! November

Hi all,

We’re pleased to say that Raf will be back on Monday November 25th at 9pm Eastern standard time.

Here’s some detail for those folks new to the program or for those who have questions on how it works…and what you can expect from the service.

Once a month we meet live for an hour or so in a web meeting. We hold them, usually at 9PM EST on the third Thursday of the month.The date and time will fluctuate as the Artist in Residence and the folks here at Rigging Dojo are working professionals with deadlines and some of us have families too.

Our Artist in Residence hosts the meeting and talks about his or her workflow, problems they’ve encountered, challenges, tools, and answers your questions.
We record this meeting and post it to a private forum only for subscribers a day or two after the AIR meeting.

A week or so before the meeting we send out an email, tweet and Facebook post, once the date is confirmed.
You will get another communication a day before and lastly one email right before the meeting starts with the login information.

In the subscriber forum artists can  chit-chat and discuss, well, anything you can think of. We love to see works in progress and questions related to anything Rigging or Technical Art and Animation.

For the price of a good cup of coffee (we like good coffee) $3.49, you can get this exclusive access.

After you complete payment click “return to Rigging Dojo” and then “register”. Please use FirstnameLastname format.

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