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Agora community Free Blender Rigs

In collaboration with Agora.Community and AnimChallange, we converted a few assets for Maya created by Riot Games, to Blender.

We used Blender 2.92 and the RigOnTheFly addon is required to get the most from these rigs. Look at the learning guide video on this page for a quick introduction of features and we recommend fully reading the RigOnTheFly help documentation before using the rig.

Annie & Tibbers

Download Blender Annie or Tibbers Rig files here

Annie & Tibbers was created by:
Riot Games
This rig was created for the purpose of study, practice, animation challenges and communal content creation projects. Have fun!


Download Blender Braum Rig file here

Braum created by Riot Games

This rig was created for the purpose of study, practice, animation challenges and communal content creation projects. Have fun!

Riot Games
League of Legends

All right reserved.

Software and Rig Use Guide

The concepts of animating with a rig like this is about using it as a temporary tool to use and change as you need. You are the animator and can make the best choice for how the rig should act while you are animating.

Quick start guide

It is based around the ideas of Richard Lico Space Switching animation style and being able to move the animation between the rig spaces as needed and often. Baking back and forth to allow you to control the rig and make it do just what you need without the overhead and technical debt of dealing with all the rig controls and attributes.

Want to customize and expand on the rigs? Check out this deeper look at the rigs and how to make them your own.

Learning more

Here you can get a view of how he uses tools like this in Maya to animate quickly and very complex actions with simple rigging tools. This is the inspiration behind the Rigging System used for these Blender Rigs we have converted.

Richard Lico Animation Workflow Siggraph 2018 from Richard Lico

For another example of this workflow in Blender, check out one of Richards students, Pierrick Picaut explaining he uses it.

Recommended Addons

The RigOnTheFly documentation has many great animated GIF examples of how to use the rig features, make sure you look over them for help.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can check out dypsloom’s discord and through twitter @dypsloom and @Wardl_ . Also be sure to check other cool things they are creating over on


The AnimAide tool is the closest thing to the popular “AnimBot” Maya plugin, that Blender has. AnimAide is a great tool for working with dense keyframe data or if you want to adjust and work with curves with much less fuss in the graph editor. If you animate in Blender, this is a must have.
If you haven’t used it, check out the great video from Luciano
#LollypopMan on using AnimAide and of the other Blender Animation tools that might be new to you.

You can catch our interview here, all about the release of the rigs and special guests, the creators of the Blender Rig On The Fly tools, Eduardo and Santiago.

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WOw that looks super nice! I dont know much about rigging but have been fooling around with Rigify and even made an addon for that.

This also looks very nice. I find the panel a bit chaotic though. I think it would look cleaner and more readable if those numbers and perhaps those icons would be left out.

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