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GDC SF 2018 | Technical Artist Bootcamp: Zen in the Art of Rigging + Math

Going to GDC? We wanted to give a quick shout out to Brian Venisky, Senior Tech Animator @ Avalanche Studios NYC , for his talk this year, Zen in the Art of Rigging, as it covers areas that are near and dear to our rigging hearts.

Right after Richard Katz, Senior Technical Artist on World of Warcraft @ Blizzard Entertainment will be doing a talk, Rigging with Triangles, on Math and rigging, so stick around for that.

Last but not least get your questions in and get them answered during the Animation Exchange. (see bottom of this post)


Source: GDC SF 2018 | Technical Artist Bootcamp: Zen in the Art of Rigging

“Rigging is a daunting task that few love, many loathe, and most avoid. For those that do it, some do it by necessity while others truly enjoy it. Regardless of position or skill level though, your approach to rigging and all that it involves is different than the next person. This includes tasks as basic as how you place joints or more advanced ones such as how you calculate mathematical expressions. However, it is not hard for anyone of any level to ignore or forget key concepts and practices that allow for creation of the best possible rigs. There are also many techniques that books, teachers, and tutorials don’t tell you when you’re learning how to rig that could forever go unlearned. This talk will help you focus on better planning of your rigs as well give you essential tips and tricks to building great rigs.”


Source: GDC SF 2018 | Technical Artist Bootcamp: Rigging with Triangles

“Technical artists may be aware of vectors and matrices but aren’t quite sure how to apply them to their daily work. The uninitiated may fear the wall of numbers that make up a vector or a matrix. This session will emphasize visualizing vectors as artist-friendly arrows or planes, instead of arrays of numbers. Richard will discuss how to build matrices from joint locations when constructing an animation rig and how to make them bend to your will.”



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