3December Rigging Dojo’s Artist in Residence (A.I.R) : Evan Cox

December 3rd 2014 (A.I.R)

With Evan Cox from Deep Silver Volition, Tuesday 3rd

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We are very excited to have Evan, who, while being new to the industry as a recent graduate and also a Rigging Dojo Alumn, is a perfect example of working smart, making the right connections and pushing to stand out in a crowded market of animation students.

He will cover topics like Education and getting a first industry job, and some of his tools: Splashboard & Auto Face Rig The Generators.


Profile Image
About Evan:
“I’m a technical artist and character rigger from East Lansing, MI and all I do is eat, sleep, script, and rig. I also have a degree in Marketing, specializing in New Product Development.
Check out my daily hashtag #whatididtoday3D!



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