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Have we improved your work, helped you find a job or you just like what we are sharing and teaching?
Maybe you don’t like us and think we are terrible sock monsters?

Either way, take a second and comment on this post or read reviews and testimonials from our students and mentors.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Josh, Brad and Chad

*not responsible for lost socks

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  1. I can say without a doubt that I would not have kept with everything had it not been for Brad, Chad and Josh. I can also say without a doubt, that the things I’ve learned from them have been instrumental in me becoming a better TA/TD. And finally, without a doubt, I would not be starting my first day at Reel FX on the 25th without Rigging Dojo and the folks that run it. To put it simply: It is hands down, the best schooling for those wishing to improve their Technical Art skills; Bar none.

  2. I actually don’t know where to start .”TRUE MENTORS” thats all i can say for u guys…. I have said this like several times . All the support n skillls i got from Josh , Brad and Chad made helped me becoming a better Character TD. I can say this without a doubt cause of DOJO i got my first full length Feature film as Rigging Pipeline TD. Not only those six weeks with Josh upgraded my skill set but till this day i learn something new every day at DOJO. Love to be a part of DOJO family :-).. Keep up the good work .. You guys rock.. Rigging DOJO rocks

  3. Some comments from the Tech art hangout, Tech Artists.org thanks to Seth for stirring up some birthday well wishes also.
    Comment thread

    “I know I don’t speak only for myself when I say Brad and RiggingDojo have been an incredible resource, so if you have in any way benefited from any of his knowledge (and if you’re a Rigger/Character TD that reads TAO, that’s YOU), post some thoughts and share the love.
    Seth – The Original Develifter
    LinkedIn // twitter // Google+ enabled

    I’m a riggingDojo student and I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with newcomers like myself. TAO and riggingDojo have been a great source of inspiration for me. I hope one day to contribute to the community all the energy that you(and many great tech artist) have provided.
    Wish you many years of parent Constraining and Python debugging πŸ™‚
    Dimitri Frazao

    You once made me a movie to explain more about a wing rig. I was totally unexpected you did so much just because I asked a question. I really appreciated it.

    I hope I can be your student one day.
    Robbert-Jan Brems

    You rock!
    Thanks for all the sticky situations you have helped us out with, your an inspiration!
    Adam Kelsey

    Brad! Your book gave me a much better understanding of how to separate rigs, and going through it has made me all around a better character setup artist with a clean understanding of what I can be doing, and how to approach it. And I can’t thank you and the Rigging Dojo enough for the free lectures you guys have done!
    Micah Zahm

    Have a great Birthday Brad! I’m reading your book in commemoration of this day! πŸ˜› Hope to become a student of the Rigging Dojo in the near future.
    Matt: Grand Canyon University

  4. It was interesting to see my comment on here prior to attending Rigging Dojo and now I can say I have attended a session and express more about what my experience was.
    The Rigging Dojo is not a tutorial site, it is not a place to find answers to make a cheat sheet, it’s a place to challenge your ability as a TA/TD and get you to really think and solve problems. You will gain industry insights and techniques to apply you your workflow as well as connect with those currently working on those blockbuster movies and games you drool over and wonder how they got those vertices to move like that (Euler or Quaternion? :D)
    Best of all you start at your level and work from there, if you have a project to work on, they can help you with that. If you are a beginner or just got out of school, they can get you on the right track.
    If you are hesitating on taking a session, just do it, you wont regret it.

  5. Not a student but want to say that I really love reading the interviews. It’s always inspiring to read about what other folks are doing out there.

  6. Thanks Tyler, we try hard to share content we want to read ourselves and I hope it shows. Thank you for stopping in and letting us know! Nice post on the rigging framework by the way.

  7. Hey fellas, im not a student but thought I would drop in and say hi also to say you guys are awesome ,insipiring stuff and once I have the money also the time after my final year at college ill be signing up (only a few months left)..been dying to know more about rigging as ive been learning everything by experimenting and basic tutorials and would love some hands on training…thanks fellas…p.s sock monsters live under my bed should I be concerned ? πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you David,
    We wish you the best in finishing up your schooling we will be here when you are done, no rush.

    As for Sock Monsters, they aren’t useable as food but depending on the origin they might be helpful at keeping your feet warm.

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